Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grahamwich to revamp by April 1st

Grahamwich posted the following interesting tidbit on their Facebook yesterday:

grahamwich Working on new Grahamwich menu which will drop April 1st. only Reuben and grilled cheese will carry over...consider yourself warned!

I've had both the Grilled Cheese (featuring cheese curds) and the Reuben, and they are both really good. But I'm bummed to see the Short Rib go as it is an incredibly tasty sandwich. I really like GW for what it is...fun, quick, unique, and fresh sandwiches that taste good and isn't pretending to be anything it isn't.

Grahamwich has taken alot of heat from the Yelp and Food Critic crowd recently, so perhaps Graham Elliot is listening and this is their attempt at a menu mulligan? When it opened, there was immediate talk of other Chicago locations and even a national franchise a la Craftwich. I'll be interested to see how the menu shapes up...

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