Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Why start a food blog?

Well, I love good food.

I grew up in a family that loved everything food. We cooked family dinners five or six nights a week. We ate thoughtful meals of authentic Italian food, Midwestern meats from a local butcher, and made visits to the town’s farmer’s market. From a young age I showed an interest in helping out in the kitchen and making my own breakfast and packing my own lunches, eventually showing an adult interest in the culinary world.

In addition to enjoying quality food at home, I was also fortunate enough to visit many of the best restaurants in Chicago. Probably attributed to my habit of having perfect manners and a long attention span when hungry, my parents could be confident I would behave myself at a restaurant. Since then I’ve loved the adventure of finding new restaurants, trying new types of food, and being the first to discover something I’ve never experienced before.

Over the past few years I’ve become amazed at the sheer amount of culinary knowledge located on the web on both a local, regional, and national level. I have enjoyed reading culinary discussion boards such as Chicago’s LTH Forum, Chowhound, and the Tribune’s the Stew. In addition, I’ve sought out personal blogs ranging from a local restaurant hunter to beer blogs to cooking blogs. I watch way too much Food Network, Top Chef, and Travel Channel for any normal married man. After reading these sites and watching food on a daily basis I thought it would be fun to add my own insight and voice to the mix.

I plan to keep this blog updated with posts featuring what I’m cooking, what I’m drinking, and where I’m eating, and general interesting articles having to do with food.

P. Channon

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