Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rockit Bar & Grill - River North

Rockit Bar & Grill
22 West Hubbard Street
Chicago, IL 60654

Rockit Bar & Grill in the River North neighborhood of Chicago has generally been my go-to for casual "bar food" which doesn't consist of frozen beef patties and tater tots. Rockit was the successful leader of the pack for the upscale bar/lounge/club/restaurant which places like Hub 51, EPIC, Paris Club, etc... have emulated in the same neighborhood.

The menu is generally pretty solid. They are well known for their "Rockit Burger" which is a Kobe beef burger with brie and a side of truffle fries for $20. I'm particularly fond of their "Rockit Pockets" which are essentially egg rolls with a Philly cheese steak filling. Healthy!

I visited Rockit for lunch this past week, and instead of getting a heavy Rockit Burger, I thought I would go a little lighter and try their Lobster Burger. Candidly, what was delivered was something closer to a lobster puck on a somewhat stale bun with a mayo based aioli and ketchup on the side. There were a couple chucks of lobster meat, but for the most part is tasted like their was alot of breading in the burger. The burger, which was significantly smaller than the bun, was tough to eat and I eventually gave in and ate it with a knife and fork without the bun. The burger came with sweet potato fries which were pretty good, but were a little over seasoned with brown sugar.

While I still like Rockit and their namesake burger, every time I've tried something different I have not been a huge fan and the Lobster Burger is a good example of that. Perhaps I should learn my lesson and only go if I feel like a burger.

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