Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hub 51 West (aka Paris Club)

As I was walking back from lunch at nearby Rockit, I walked past the new Hub 51 West....I mean the Paris Club. Literally 50 yards from their Hub 51, the two sons of Lettuce Entertain You's CEO are opening the Paris Club on February 9th.

According to their website, they are planning on "reintroduce French food to a new generation of diners." 1) I don't know how you "reintroduce" something to a "new" generation and 2) does French food need to be dumbed down to a bar/club setting in order for it to be more approachable to a younger clientele? Like Hub 51, the menu is schizophrenic: cheap hamburgers on the same menu as $100 tastes of caviar. I'm surprised they didn't try to sneak sushi onto the menu.

I snapped a picture as I walked past. Yes, Hub 51 and the Paris Club sandwich an adult bookstore on Hubbard Street. So edgy.

You can find the menu and some more commentary at the following link:

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